Dexter Axle (GENUINE) Electric Brake Assembly 3.5K, Left 10" - K23-26-00

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Dexter Axle Trailer Brake Assembly. The electric brakes on your trailer are similar to the drum brakes on your automobile. The basic difference is that your automotive brakes are actuated by hydraulic pressure while your electric trailer brakes are actuated by an electro-magnet. GENUINE DEXTER AXLE

Manually Adjusted At The Controller To Provide The Correct Braking Capability For Varying Road And Load Conditions Modulated To Provide More Or Less Braking Force, Thus Easing The Brake Load On The Towing Vehicle They Have Very Little Lag Time From The Moment The Tow Vehicle's Brakes Are Actuated Until The Trailer Brakes Are Actuated In An Emergency Situation.

Mounted on the drivers side, this electric brake assembly from Dexter measures 10 x 2-1/4 inches and is a complete assembly. Mounting studs are included. Each pair has a 3,500 lb. capacity.