Northbound Aluminum Wall Mount Tire Carrier (E-Series) 16" OC

Sale price $ 94.99 Regular price $ 114.99

Brand new by Van Kam Truck & Trailer is the new Northbound aluminum spare tire carrier E-Series. This carrier is completely welded together and designed to mount on the inside of your trailer using your trailer wall posts. It is designed to fit the trailer standard lug pattern 5 ON 4.5. NOTE: This carrier will not work on your wider 8" or 10" tire and wheels. Clean up the look of your trailer with this NORTHBOUND aluminum wall mount tire carrier. All mounting screws and hardware is included, making for a quick and easy installation. 1-1/4" self tap 5/16 screws are included. FEATURES: -Fits 16" on center -Fits on 12",13",14" & 15" tire & wheels -1 X 2 aluminum tube -1 X 2 X 1/8" aluminum mounting angle