Thetford 09852 Aqua-Kem Holding tank Treatment 32 oz.

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Aqua-Kem® Liquid™

Designed specifically for RV holding tanks, these strong formulas ensure safe, powerful odor control. Available in convenient easy-to-use forms, these products give you maximum performance with minimum effort. Aqua-Kem is the No 1 selling holding tank deodorant of all time because it does the job better than any other product.

  • Aqua-Kem Morning Sky | 32ozThe most powerful odor control available
  • Liquefies waste and breaks down tissue fast to prevent clogging
  • Powerful detergents clean tank walls and drain lines
  • Works around the clock in all weather conditions
  • A complete lineup of convenient forms for maximum ease of use
  • 100% biodegradable liquid and environmentally safe when disposed of properly
  • Available in one-gallon jug, 64-oz. bottle, 32-oz. bottle, 6 pack of 8-oz. bottles, and 3 pack of 8-oz. bottles