Trail FX D20LL4 Leveling Kit 02-05 Dodge Ram

Regular price $ 129.99

Trail FX D20LL4 Leveling Kit 02-05 Dodge Ram

TrailFX has produced a line of leveling and rear block kits that are engineered to provide consumers with the very best in quality performance at an attractive price point. TrailFX suspension products allow you to level your vehicle or raise it for additional tire clearance, all while maintaining your factory ride.


  • Amount Raised Or Lowered (IN): 2 Inch Lift
  • Type: Torsion Key


  • Gain Tire And Ground Clearance
  • Guaranteed For The Life Of Your Vehicle
  • The Fastest, Least Expensive Way To Level Or Lift Your Truck
  • The Strongest And Safest Forged Torsion Key Leveling System On The Market Today
  • Stock Ride Quality Retained When Properly Installed
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty Against Defects In Design, Operation, Workmanship And Materials